Be Special


I would like to dedicate this blog to women of today, to modern women. Sometimes we feel overloaded by all our daily duties and often, ocupied with our routine: studies, kids, work, house, partner, etc. etc. etc., we forget to pay attention to ourselves, we forget that we are beautiful and special. Why not change it? We are worth it. It's not so difficult, you can start with a small change, tomorrow morning when you wake up, put on a trendy necklace, or some earrings that  you love, or the pair of shoes that fascinate you but you have never dared to try on, or simply your favourite lipstick. I'm sure that you will find yourself more beautiful and you will start the day feeling happy and self confident, and when we feel beautiful and special we feel that we can cope with whatever that gets in our way.

I think that all women should follow the new fashion trends, although without being a fashion “slave”, not everything that is “in” suits us, we should select those items that best match our body and our personality.

In my next publications, I will try to share with you my impressions of the new trends in clothes and accesories, and I will show you how a bit of imagination can make your look “shiny”.