This Christmas Join the Knitwear Trend...


I have to confess that I'm a cold-natured person, and I'm extremely happy that this winter knitwear is one of the hottest fashion trends. We can find knitted garments in all stores, they are available in all shapes and colors. Knitwear is a must, and I'm not talking about garments only. We have also joined this trend and made some "knitted" pendants and brooches, they are made out of polymer clay FIMO, but they look like as if they were made out of wool.

Christmas is getting closer and closer, and I think that some knitwear (real or not) would be the perfect present for friends or relatives. I have made a selection of knitted items which could give you some ideas for Christmas gifts: jumperss with Christmas trees, reindeer or snow flakes on them; strass necks; hats; gloves; pendants or brooches... Whatever you choose, you'll be on the right track!

1. Christmas Tree Jumper: H&M
2. Strass Neck: SUITEBLANCO
3. "Knitted" FIMO Brooch Heart Shape Grey: NM Designs
4. Jacquard Jumper: SUITEBLANCO
6. Hat: ZARA
7. "Knitted" FIMO Pendant Heart Shape: NM Designs
8. Reindeer Jumper: H&M
9. "Knitted" FIMO Brooch Heart Shape Lilac: NM Designs